Tough Decisions . . .

After taking a long look at the character breakdown, I realized I had no other choice than to cut down the number of characters in the game. The decision was based upon the level of animation every character would require. I didn't plan on having generic stand-in animations. Every move would be custom designed against every character. Meaning Guitar Zero's "Zerosmith" appearance would change based upon whomever he was fighting. With that said, I don't think animating for 30 characters is feasible at this time. I haven't ruled out the possibility 30 characters for the sequel though. So as it stands, the count has been lowered to 20. Only two main characters where affected, the rest were hidden characters. Here is the final breakdown:

12 Main Characters - Available from the jump.
4 Hidden Characters - Unlocked by meeting certain criteria.
4 Boss Characters - 3 of the 4 unlocked after being defeated.

Seems a little slim but the remaining characters can handle the workload.

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