The Replacement . . .

Fameus. The replacement for Meance. Think Jay-Z plus the Flash and you're almost close. Now I need to touch base with Roc, I've been neglecting him.


The Fighter . . .

The inspiration for Ha-Choo, the only true fighter in the game. Menace's replacement. And maybe the real final Boss?


Bleach . . .

If you haven't been curious to check out Bleach, now would be a good/great/smart time to do so.


Removal . . .

After Kimbo's untimely knock out by the hands of Seth Petruzelli, I decided we may wanna remove the character modeled in his likeness. Being knock out in a few seconds, kinda takes away the menacing edge. But this isn't a bad thing, because my recent obsession with Bleach has spawned an even greater addition to the FriendFighter franchise.


The Return . . .

Small hibernation on my part ladies and gents. I was extremely focused on the rapid growth of my music venture DJMixtapez.com. But I'm back like you owe me money. We shall continue the epic journey to create the greatest iPhone game with a few changes, a few additions, maybe some strippers, Papa John's pizza and a yacht full of creativity. You still in? Good.

P.S: I'm in the market for a iPhone developer to help me actually create the game. I have the creative process on lock but the actual zeros and ones elude me. So if you or anyone you know is a iPhone developer, have them email me at fightthruthepain@friendfighter.net. The deal is a profit split, 5% is already gone so it'll be 45% to me, 45% to whomever signs on the other 5% will be donated to a random game development or artistic foundation.


Meet Guitar Zero . . .

Dark side of the moon. Perfection. Fuego. Your choice.


Difficulty . . .

I decided on a difficulty scale. Players will have three options: Tough, Tougher & Toughest. I think the point is clear. The game will be hard regardless of the level.


Guitar Zero??

Here is Roc's first color draft of Guitar Zero. Notice the amazing coloring in the jeans. The blue/yellow color scheme is dead on. We discussed adding a tattoo to G.Z to give him a little more edge. But I wanted something silly. I wanted something that said "Why the hell did you get a tatt of that" type of thing. Roc nailed it with the Atari tattoo. I'm not feeling the glasses, kinda removes the edgeness. The AC/DC shirt has to go too, its a cliche. I'm thinking Pink Floyd.


MC 215 . . .

The next character brought to life will be;

Name: MC 215
Origin: Break Dancing Halls Of New York
Background: MC 215 is a dedicated B-Boy that misses the prestige break dancing once held. He wears a big gold rope chain, 80's throwback outfits and sports a Kid-N-Play box haircut with parts throughout. He uses break dancing and pop/locking as attack moves. MC 215 has a medium build and is a little on the tall side. His sneakers are either basic Adidas or low top Converses.



Seth MacFarlane . . .

I have the perfect pick for the co-writer of the back stories. Seth MacFarlane. Who else would be able to make a completely hilarious insight into the previous lives of the characters. Imagine those flashbacks. I know this is nearly impossible to pull off. What's more likely is I will be writing/directing/producing each back story but at least I can dream. More on Seth here, here and here.


History . . .

I was asked recently about the overall story of the game. I felt from the beginning the game wouldn't have a solid story to stand on. More like a moment-in-time type of thing. Where players are dropped into the moments before the tournament and then thrust into the heart of the fight. But after a little thought, I figured a slight back story might be effective. The back stories can serve as glimpses into the lives/motivations of all the fighters prior to them entering the tournament. The stories will be completely funny based recaps nothing serious. I have a guy that would be great for the job but he's too much of a "family guy" at the moment. Fuego.


Fans . . .

As I was designing the training area, a new feature popped into my head. Thinking back to Def Jam's Fight For NY game and a few scenes from Fight Club, I remembered how much cooler the battles with fight fans standing around appeared. The influx of fans made the moment feel more edgy and captured the essence of a no-holds-bar fight. I decided to add the fan element to the game. As players progress, fans will start to gather for their fights. The more wins a player has the more fans he/she will have at every fight. Fuego.


Flickr . . .

I'm often asked where I find such good looking images for some of the entries. The answer is a combination of Google searches and Flickr. Flickr is probably the best photo sharing site for finding crisp imagery that really portrays what I'm blogging about. Peep it for yourself.