Characters . . .

Just caught a brain fart working on all the character concepts and theories but I've made some progress. I tried to make each character unlike anything seen before yet with inspiration from things I've seen before. Make any sense? Probably not, anyway, I'm aiming to make fun of certain gaming/comic book stereotypes as well as create brand new stereotypes. I decided to give players 30 different characters to choose from. Hopefully, a few characters will be able to appeal to both the hardcore and the casual gamer. Here's the breakdown;

15 main characters - available from the jump.
4 bosses (tribute to SF) - unlocked after being defeated
11 hidden characters - unlocked after meeting certain criteria (tribute SuperSmashBros.)

I pretty much wrapped up each of the main characters. I got two concepts for the bosses and one hidden character in mind. I'll let the others come to me, no need to force it. Each character will have a brief and simple back-story. I want gamers to fill in the holes. Leaves a little mystery to each character and makes it easier for tie-ins. Fuego.

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