Meet Guitar Zero . . .

Dark side of the moon. Perfection. Fuego. Your choice.


Difficulty . . .

I decided on a difficulty scale. Players will have three options: Tough, Tougher & Toughest. I think the point is clear. The game will be hard regardless of the level.


Guitar Zero??

Here is Roc's first color draft of Guitar Zero. Notice the amazing coloring in the jeans. The blue/yellow color scheme is dead on. We discussed adding a tattoo to G.Z to give him a little more edge. But I wanted something silly. I wanted something that said "Why the hell did you get a tatt of that" type of thing. Roc nailed it with the Atari tattoo. I'm not feeling the glasses, kinda removes the edgeness. The AC/DC shirt has to go too, its a cliche. I'm thinking Pink Floyd.


MC 215 . . .

The next character brought to life will be;

Name: MC 215
Origin: Break Dancing Halls Of New York
Background: MC 215 is a dedicated B-Boy that misses the prestige break dancing once held. He wears a big gold rope chain, 80's throwback outfits and sports a Kid-N-Play box haircut with parts throughout. He uses break dancing and pop/locking as attack moves. MC 215 has a medium build and is a little on the tall side. His sneakers are either basic Adidas or low top Converses.