Gameplay Sketch . . .

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Here is a scan of the gameplay concepts I developed. I can't explain everything in depth right now, the vast amount information would cause your head to collapse. But I will give brief access to my thoughts for some sections.

-The upper-left portion is a sketch of the iPhone/iTouch with the attack list shown on-screen.
-The bottom shows each character's strengths. I only mapped out the 15 basic characters, the bosses and hidden characters are still being developed. Character names are leaked if you look closely.
-Next to the iPhone/iTouch sketch is the "deciding factor". More on that later.
-The right-portion is how the parry annihilator was developed. I asked myself what would happen if both players parry each other's attack successfully? More on that later.
-The right side numbers are how I realized each character would have to have different damage reactions for each parry and attack.

I tried to add a human element to every aspect of the game. If a character is strong in the upper body area but weak in the lower area, blocks to the top should be stronger than blocks to the bottom. More on everything later.

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