The Return . . .

Small hibernation on my part ladies and gents. I was extremely focused on the rapid growth of my music venture DJMixtapez.com. But I'm back like you owe me money. We shall continue the epic journey to create the greatest iPhone game with a few changes, a few additions, maybe some strippers, Papa John's pizza and a yacht full of creativity. You still in? Good.

P.S: I'm in the market for a iPhone developer to help me actually create the game. I have the creative process on lock but the actual zeros and ones elude me. So if you or anyone you know is a iPhone developer, have them email me at fightthruthepain@friendfighter.net. The deal is a profit split, 5% is already gone so it'll be 45% to me, 45% to whomever signs on the other 5% will be donated to a random game development or artistic foundation.

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