Monty Oum . . .

Monty Oum. What more can be said about this kid that hasn't already been said? He is a fan made cult figure. Single-handly responsible for creating two mind-blowing, frantic, action packed videos dedicated to some of the greatest games ever. The first was Haloid, a tribute to Halo and Metroid with a little twist. The second is the world-renowed Dead Fantasy, the ultimate mash-up of various ladies throughout the gaming world. You have to see it to believe it. Why has Monty gathered such an intense following? The anwser is simple; he created each fighting sequence entirely by himself. An feat unheard of in the gaming community and even more remarkable is how well paced each sequence is executed. Think John Woo on HGH, extasy and Red Bull. I could go on about this dude but I'll let you see for yourself. Let it be known, Monty is the inspiration behind all of the fight scenes you will see in the game. Maybe he'll sign on as an advisor. More info on Monty here, here and here.

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