Backstory . . .

You may know me, you may not. I go by many names. The one given by my mother is Stanley L. Miller Jr. The web crowned me Mr. Make It Happen. Simply because . . . I make shit happen. As most people already know, I specialize in the music industry but web/torrent pirates have nearly sucked the life out of her so I was forced to discover an alternate route. I haven't given up on my girl, DJMixtapez.com will continue to provide her with exclusive everything but I needed something else to feed my creative appetite.

I looked around the business industry for a product that could not be stolen as easily as music files. I stumbled upon the iFund. The iFund is supposedly a fund created to provide capital to anyone thinking about or already developing a iPhone/iTouch application. I took a look at the iFund application page, which was surprising only five questions long and I knew I found my niche.

I've been playing video games longer than most people have been on this earth. I consider myself the most well-rounded gamer on the planet. I have owned nearly every system ever created. Well, every system released state-side, I missed out on Famicon. Plus, I'm willing to play anything. The game could be role-playing, shooting, racing, strategy, fighting or whatever. Put the game in front of me and I'll play it until completion. I think that makes me the most ideal candidate to make a game. I have a running catalog of over 500 games in my head and I bet, if I can pull the best qualities from each game; I could craft a master piece.

So this will be my journey or rather our journey. You will watch as this kid from Philly attempts to create a iPhone/iTouch game with no prior experience other than a vast knowledge of great/terrible games as well as an inhuman ability to think differently. I will develop characters right in from of you and explain my concepts, theories and issues. Everything will be on display. I plan to buy a web cam shortly so I can better explain things. Also the cam will verify that its just me and not some type of corporate publicity stunt. I want to thank everyone for coming and let's start the show.

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Anonymous said...

thats quite a backstory mane! nice site (favorite colors) and goodluck with that new game venture. im no iphone owner, but i stay in touch with whats hot, so i hope to see more. gonna bookmark this one...peace be onto you, dawg!